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About Us

Leading Producer Of 100% Natural, Premium Quality Basmati Rice DRRK Foods Pvt. Ltd, a 4 Star Export House, is a renowned rice producer, counted among the top rice brands in India, excelling on all grounds and offering a range of best organic rice varieties. We provide easy to cook, mouth-watering rice that is ideal for preparing varied dishes from fried rice and stir-fries to pudding. Turn your every meal into a delicacy with our appetizing rice!

Farm to Fork

All the processes involved in the rice production, processing and storage to packaging and shipping are carried out by our company to ensure that our customers are offered with products having the finest quality and containing the right quantity.


Planting 1

High yielding paddy seeds are sown by farmers during the wet season of June-July with monsoon rains taking care of irrigation demands.

Harvesting 2

When the grain is mature, it is timely harvested to ensure good grain quality and high market value.
Paddy Receiving in the mill

Paddy Receiving in the mill 3

At the mill, chaff and bran layers on grains are removed through grinding in order to produce edible rice with consistent quality.
Paddy Quality Check

Paddy Quality Check 4

Milled paddy is subsequently reviewed for its quality so that highly refined grains with right dimensions are chosen and cracked, damaged ones are removed.

Drying 5

Grains are then dried to reduce moisture content to a safe level for storage. Drying is ideally done within 24 hours of harvesting.

Hulling 6

Rice is hulled to remove chaff, the outer coating of grain, with an automatad machine. We get nutritious brown rice after the process of hulling is completed.

Polishing 7

In this process, husk, bran and germ are naturally removed from the rice grain through grinding by stones which leaves the grain rich in starch and gives it a pearly white look without any chemicals used.
Sorting and Grading by size

Sorting and Grading by size 8

The high quality rice grains are sorted from germinated and broken ones to be further graded on the basis of size, shape and weight to achieve uniformity.
Quality Control

Quality Control 9

In order to offer the top quality rice, all the parameters, physical, chemical and related, are checked and confirmed by our professionals to serve the best rice to our valuable customers.
Final Packing

Final Packing 10

After passing strict quality control measures in the lab to ensure the highest standards of grain quality, rice grains are sent for packaging.

Delivery 11

After being hygienically packed, the rice grains are made ready to be delivered to our valuable customers.

Global Presence