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Corporate Social Responsibility

DRRK Foods Contribution To Society

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Growth in Agriculture

Drrk foods since inception from year 1967 has been in contant practise to give back to the society by helping in many means majorly by focussing on the technological, financial and overall upliftment of our farmers

Impact on Farmers Explained

  • Our major paddy purchase is from small land holding farmers owning about 5 acres average land size.
  • Our purchasing volume is about 1 Million Mts. every crop year.
  • Average paddy from 1 Acre of land for Basmati is around 20 Quintals which makes around 100 quintals or 10 Mts. for a small land holding farmer of about 5 acres so approximately 100,000 such farmers are directly associated.
  • For assistance we are holding 5-6 block level farmers
  • Farmers also enjoy more average income per acre when practice basmati as its is around INR 50000-60000 per acre whereas in other crops like maize etc. is around INR 40000-50000 per acre
  • We regularly make meet all farmers and stay in close contact with many industry leaders , technology inventors and guides to educate about selection and curing of seeds , judicious/ appropriate use of pesticides, timely harvesting upon maturity to maintain premium quality of raw material and all important processes.
  • Providing solution and information to farmers pertaining to Agriculture Practices, Scientific farming and Improve technology for Production as an initiative to keep farmers updated about advanced techniques of farming.
  • Also company engages itself in stable contracts with farmers ensuring regular income
  • Company is lending a hand of help by offering the service of pre-financing without any interest too for farmers.