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Witness DRRK's story from
1967 2021



Peek Into Our Journey

Through Our History

Passion and patience are the two virtues we have cultivated and nurtured in order to have a thriving business reaching a turnover of around US $100 million. We plan to expand further with the same values targeting a robust turnover of US $200 million from our Basmati Rice business by 2025.


We are one of the top rice brands in India excelling on all grounds, be it the appearance, taste, texture or aroma of Basmati rice. The key to our success lies in our drive to offer nothing but the finest quality of rice to people. Our Crown Basmati Rice tastes delicious and has been savoured and well-received in the 30 countries we globally export.




Our company’s preliminary operations commenced with the dedicated efforts of Mr. Mahinder Pal who started his small scale business with the vision of unmatched growth.

Witnessing the success experienced by DRRK Foods Pvt. Ltd. in the present day, hardly anyone would believe the humble beginning we had with small scale production of rice which over time with hard work and relentless dedication expanded leading on to cross many milestones.


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Establishment Of The Company’s New Plant

Our company thrived under the wisdom and diligence of our forefathers for decades which prepared it to take a giant leap in the production of rice by setting up of our fully automated brand new plant. The newly established plant brought about enhanced productivity, progress and prosperity.


Utilising Japanese Tech. For Optimising Operations

We decided upon employing the advanced Japanese tech. collaborating with Satake Corporation, Japan for achieving greater efficiency and upscaling our rice processing. The utilization of modern and sophisticated Japanese tech. led to a major expansion of our company.


Offering Our Finest Rice Globally

By setting up of a new plant that employed the latest Japanese tech., the surplus of the quality rice grains we were producing was exceedingly high. Hence, we finally decided to go global and venture into export.



Setting Up Of Another Factory To Scale-Up Production.

The inauguration of our new factory was accompanied by several advancements and an aggressive approach towards production. This created employment and brought prosperity by stimulating economic activity. With the establishment of yet another factory, the production capacity of our company rose to a whopping 40 metric tonnes per hour.



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Expansion of Our Company With Increased Production

DRRK Foods Pvt. Ltd. witnessed growth and greater profits by upscaling its production capacity which demanded a surge in the storage structure. For the large quantities of rice grains to be managed, bulk silo storage with adequate capacity was incorporated and utilised in addition to our 50,000 tonnes warehouse storage facility.


Meeting Storage Demands By Setting Up Steel Silos

Silo storage which requires 30% less land as compared to conventional warehouses was adopted enabling bulk preservation of produce for long periods. DRRK Foods Pvt. Ltd. has 50,000 tons silo storage system with special airtight silos storing the grains in the absence of oxygen in a controlled atmosphere with lowered risk of stock degradation.


Rise In Production Led To Additional Silos Being setup

More steel silos possessing equipment that ensures quick and easy execution of the operations of receiving, treating, storing, monitoring and discharging rice grains were installed. The increase in the number of silos addressed the company's food security and storage concerns satisfyingly.



Began Utilizing Renewable Energy

Being aware of the adverse effects of climate change, our company took a stand to grow sustainably by employing environmentally friendly, renewable biofuel for its operations.

We also turned to clean energy for the generation of electricity and undertook a turbine project to meet our power requirements without causing any harm to the environment.



Committed To Grow Substantially

Hard work indeed pays off! With relentless devotion and dedication, we had sown the seeds of success which bore sweet fruits as we crossed yet another milestone by reaching a terrific turnover of around US $100 million.

Considering our planned expansion in the domestic markets & increased thrust in the overseas ones, we aim to have a robust turnover of US $200 million from our Basmati Rice business by 2025.



Leading Brand In FMCG Sector

DRRK Foods Pvt. Ltd. is nurturing its vision of becoming a leading brand in the FMCG sector by incorporating the production of various food-related goods which experience high consumption and sales. We are aspiring to be a household name in the Indian homes and a part of the daily life of our consumers locally and globally by serving people across the length and breadth of India and holding a strong presence across the world.


Peek into our journey

Through our history

Keeping the traditional taste alive, DRRK Foods Pvt. Ltd. endeavours to offer the rich varieties of Basmati rice to people worldwide.