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Crown Diet Rice

At DRRK Foods we are working endlessly towards healthy & nutritional servings. Crown Diet Rice is one such result of years of extensive research & development. Our Diet Rice involves partially boiling of the intact rice seed – husk and bran. This parboiling process of soaking, steaming and drying boost its nutritional content and change its texture. While the mineral change is negligible the vitamins tend to increase during the course. Post cooling increases the formation of type 3-resistant starch which can act as a prebiotic and benefit gut health in humans. Crown Diet Rice has double the fiber than normal cooked white rice. Its low glycemic score of 55 compared to 89 for white rice indicates that the carbohydrates do not cause a large spike in blood sugar. The milling process of Crown Diet Rice is different from any other form of rice and involves use of sophisticated imported machinery and new technology. The outcome is long fluffy grains with an exquisite nutty flavor and high nutritious value.


No Gluten
Recommended for Cooking Biryani
Just Natures's Goodness

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