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Biryani Masala

Biryani/Pulav can either be a Veg. or a Non-Veg. preparation usually made during special occasions. The perfect balance of exotic roasted spices, our Biryani Masala is ground to perfection and is probably the best kept secret of every cook in India. Is usually served with curry and raita (curd spiked with fresh green herbs)


Heat cooking medium, add Biryani masala, water and pre-soaked Crown Basmati rice. Add mutton/ chicken pieces as desired, a pinch of saffron/ turmeric powder and cook as usual.



No Artificial Colour
or Additives Uses


Black Pepper, Cassia
Cardamom Amomum, Red Chillies
Caraway, Cloves
Green Cardamon, Mace

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